Want A Humming, Thriving Culture? 

I work with purposeful, adaptable leaders to help them create magic in a complex, turbulent world.

Find out how

Switch off the auto-pilot.

Upgrade your playbook.

Make the future happen.

It’s time to create the next wave of change.

There will be no more comfort zones, cotton wool or compromise.

You won’t need them where we’re going.

We’re going to The Edge.

Where great leaders thrive, teams hum and bold visions come to life.

Where potential is harnessed, momentum is gained and an enviable culture shines.

You won’t get there by playing it safe.

Or by settling for the status quo.

You won’t get there by waiting for your people to step up.

Or by reacting rather than innovating.

You get there by being the change maker.

I’m Digby Scott and I’m here to help you go from restless go-getter to a dynamic leader who thrives in the face of change.

No more bandaid solutions, no more groundhog day,
 no more lost opportunities.

I’ll help you and your people develop the skills, attitude
 and gutsy moves you need to choose a bolder future, because that’s when gnarly challenge turns into epic opportunity.

To creating a bolder future.


“Digby is a sophisticated consultant who is easy to engage with on OD business needs at a senior level. He’s very astute, listens well and delivers very targeted and effective solutions. And he’s able to quickly identify with you what to focus on to get the best result and then delivers a solution that actually works.”

GM HR, Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

“Digby will challenge your thinking, bring you great ideas and expertise, and totally win over your executive team and/or your participants and get you results. Highly recommended.”

Head of Organisational Development, Inland Revenue.

“Digby is a fantastic person to have on your team when you need some very solid and edgy thinking in leadership development. Yes, he provides fabulous advice and expertise, but you also get to go on the journey with him and feel like you are contributing to the thinking. Leadership in action!”

Head of Organisational Development, Department of Corrections.

“Digby’s energy, optimism and courage is infectious.  I would highly recommend Digby as an executive or management coach and/or as a facilitator for teams.”

Frances Turner, Executive Director, Royal New Zealand Ballet

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