Conversations That Matter

Better Conversations, Better Outcomes.

The ability to have meaningful and effective conversations about an employee’s performance and development is an essential skill in today’s workplace.

Great coaching conversations lead to greater employee engagement and productivity, and greater alignment with organisational objectives. Done poorly, it can lead to low morale, poor relationships and high turnover.

The ‘Conversations That Matter’ workshop helps your managers to shine a light on the both the performance and potential of their people. They’ll be able to have more robust and authentic conversations that empower people, accelerate learning and drive business results.  It helps make the job of performance reviews and on-the-job conversations not only easier, but also more enjoyable for all concerned.

We’ll cover:

  • Why bother having coaching conversations?
  • Fostering a ‘growth mindset’
  • Powerful listening and questioning
  • Tapping into motivation
  • Effective goal setting
  • A practical coaching conversation model
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Having courageous conversations

How it works:

Conversations That Matter is run over two half-days in a hands-on, small group workshop format, and includes pre-work, practical application, online resources, on-the-job activities, and follow up.

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“Digby was engaged to bring a fresh, dynamic and engaging approach to how our people leaders guide, support and coach our staff to achieve. As a large conglomerate with a range of employees from call centre staff to engineers, Digby has been flexible and adaptable while at the same time able to provide consistent messaging and application to our challenge.  Conversations that Matter has engaged our staff with a new way of working and people leaders are integrating techniques to every day work including more robust conversations at performance reviews.”

Regina Tang, Senior HR Advisor at Todd Corporation

“Digby is an excellent facilitator and his Conversations that Matter workshop was great. Staff found it really helpful and it gave them insight into their own and others’ behaviours.
My team was able to easily put what they learnt into practice and become more effective, confident coaches.”

Deputy Chief Executive, Ministry for Pacific Peoples

“Digby’s Conversations that Matter programme has supported our leaders with, not only the skillset but, the mindset to see the value of taking a coaching approach to developing their people and strengthening the performance of their teams.  Digby brings energy that engages the participants and with such a depth of knowledge and insight is able to work with and address the needs of the individuals in the room while delivering the desired outcome.”

Stephanie White, Director Organisational Development Programmes, NZ Defence Force