Change Makers Workshop Series

Accelerate Cultural Transformation.

If you want your organisation to stay relevant in a disruptive, fast-evolving landscape, cultural transformation is a priority. While traditional culture change efforts can be slow and lurchy, it doesn’t have to be that way.



Are you asking any of these questions?

  • How can we accelerate the cultural change we want to see?
  • How can we leverage our top talent to shift the culture?
  • How can we get change happening faster at the front line
  • How can we break down the siloes around here?
  • How can we take our people into this brave new world?


A small number of people in your organisation have the potential to make a disproportionately large impact on your culture. But they might not be who you think. If you want to transform your culture and lift performance, then identify, connect and support your ‘cultural carriers’.


As you grow your cultural carriers, the culture evolves too. 


Your cultural carriers are the restless ones, always asking questions and making connections. They’re regarded by their peers as high performers and embody your organisation’s values. They’ve probably got a few rough edges that could do with some rounding out. You know them when you see them.

The Change Makers Workshop series is designed to accelerate the impact of the cultural carriers in your organisation. It helps change happen faster and better, it turns your restless people into your most energised and useful people, and creates a more networked organisation.

    How it works:

    I come into your organisation and run three two-hour workshops over two months, the Change Makers Workshop series gives your cultural carriers the core skillsets, toolkit and mindset to help them:

    • Adopt the mindset and behaviours of a Change Maker
    • Develop a change-making strategy that supports your organisation’s objectives
    • Create a centre of excellence in their part of the organisation
    • Connect with the people that can amplify and accelerate their impact across the organisation.
    • Design safe-to-fail experiments to apply on the job
    • Be a savvy learner, coach and mentor


    Participants attend short, practical workshops, leaving each session with a workplace ‘experiment’ to test and learn from on the job. They receive a range of online supporting resources and prompts



    Your investment is $990 + GST per person.

    Minimum 8 people, maximum 12 per cohort. Includes all materials and workshop delivery.



    “Digby provides inspiration of thought, techniques and courage for people to reach beyond their current selves to identify and develop themselves as true change makers.”

    – Frances Turner, Executive Director, Royal New Zealand Ballet


    For more thinking on leveraging cultural carriers to grow your culture, read Grow A Culture: Accelerating The Journey

    The Change Makers Workshop series compliments the Change Makers Programme, a six month development experience designed to deepen change-making skills, broaden perspectives and expand networks beyond your current organisation. 


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