Change Leaders

Lead Them To Water Where They’ll Happily Drink.

As organisations develop and prepare themselves to stay relevant and successful for the future, people will have a range of responses to the inevitable turbulence and uncertainty that change brings. Effectively leading people to play their part in making change happen is a critical role.

Change Leaders is a workshop designed to help your managers and influencers step up and play an active and potent leadership role to shape the present and the future of your organisation. With the same DNA as the Future Fit Leadership programme, it introduces participants to change leadership skills in a shorter timeframe.

The workshop will help to shape and clarify the leadership role in shaping your team’s and department’s vision and to help the organisation achieve its aspirational goals. It will equip you with practical tools to step up and a lead your people to play their part in making change happen.

Change Leaders is run over two days in a hands-on, small group workshop format, and includes pre-work, application on-the-job and follow up.

It covers:

  • The forces driving change and what they mean for us
  • Your own and others’ change orientations
  • The role of a change leader
  • Working with the full range of human responses to change
  • Getting into action: behaviours and habits that work to make change happen
  • Building and maintaining resilience for yourself and your staff
  • Building and cultivating leadership networks

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