Practical strategies to help you lead wisely in an uncertain world.

With disruption comes both pain and possibility. Whether you’re racing to stabilise the ship, or seeking to capitalise on the new opportunities that are presenting themselves, I’m here to help, and I’m ready when you are.


By using the booking link at the bottom of the page we can set up and run an engaging, interactive webinar for your leaders and staff on topics that matter now. Recently Digby’s been invited to run webinars for clients on a whole range of topics, including:




Remote Doesn’t Have to Mean Remote

A guide to leading your people when working remotely

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Calm the Farm

Finding ‘centre’ in a world of confusion

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Leading in Uncertainty

How to lead when there are no easy answers

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Changing the Game

Rewriting the rules in times of disruption

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Experiment Now!

What if trying a whole lot of new stuff was the way through this?

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Growing Through Crisis

How to turn chaotic disruption into positive change

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“Digby, that was an amazing session you just ran. MIT & Harvard-esq in its quality and scope. I felt truly optimistic for the first time (since our new world announced itself) during the workshop. Thank you so much.” 

Margret Gibson, Social Impact Specialist & Founder


“Thank you for keeping my thinking at this creative, curious and strategic level in these weird times, possibly even pushing it back to where it was, because I’ve found it easy to live from day-to-day at the moment and not think ahead.”

Fiona Robinson-Morey, Manager Organisational Communications 

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