Welcome To Change Makers

It’s great to have you as part of the tribe.

To ensure you hit the ground running at your first workout, it’s important that you first invest some time and thought on a few aspects of your Change Makers agenda. There are a number of short, yet mind-stretching, activities that you’ll need to do.

Start by watching the welcome video below, then complete each of the activities which are outlined in each of the videos below. Take each activity one at a time. The whole lot will probably take you a total of 30 minutes to complete.



Before your first workout, it’s best that you’ve read the book Change Makers: how to make your mark with more impact and less drama. This helps you get your head around what it takes for you to make change happen, and introduces you to some of the core concepts in the programme. You will receive a copy in the post, and you can download a PDF version here



Here Are Your Activities:

My Big Question:


Deciding on your Big Question can be challenging.  Jack explains how he tackled his:



My Certainty:


My 6 – 18 Month Goal:


My Now Questions:


Bigger Me:

The ‘Bigger Me’ activity is outlined here.




20 Questions to Nail Your Conviction

In the Change Makers programme, we’ve found that the people who make the fastest progress actively hunt down and lock onto their conviction. When you can wholeheartedly answer these 20 Questions , you’re well on your way to making change happen with more impact and less drama.


To download the 20 Questions to Nail Your Conviction PDF click here

Here’s Some General Information About The Programme.


Slack is how we keep in touch with each other.  It’s a great place to share ideas, articles, insights, challenges and support each other.

We will send you an invitation to join the Slack group. In the meantime, here’s a video tutorial all about how to use Slack.


Approximately every 6 weeks we meet as a group for a full day of intensive learning, critiquing and planning in what we call ‘workouts’ (because it’s like going to the gym for your mind and spirit).

To give you more of an idea of what happens at these workouts, click here to see a standard agenda.




DIgby hosts a webinar between each workout. These are great opportunities to keep connected and top up your thinking between workouts. You can check out all our past webinars here.


An important element of this programme  is having a mentor to assist you on your change making journey.  After your first workout you get the opportunity to select a mentor to work with you throughout the programme (based on their availability).  To help with your decision, here’s some information on our faculty.

To find out how to make the most of mentoring download this document.

Claire Baillie

My background is in organisational communication, with a focus on building culture that supports high performance and ultimately makes a difference. I’m interested in how communities of people can work together to support the greater good, and how integral communication and story-telling is to making that happen. I’ve worked across private and public sector organisations in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. One thing I know to be true is that when people get together behind a cause they believe in, anything is possible.


Katie Hair

Originally from Dunedin, I’ve spent several years overseas and settled in Wellington a couple of years ago.

I’m lucky enough to lead the People and Culture team at Manatu Taonga, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage – an organisation with a purpose and vision I feel genuinely connected to.

My background is in HR, learning and leadership development and my passion is helping people to grow and fulfil their potential. 

It’s amazing what can happen through the power of a great conversation and I’m looking forward to connecting : )


Gillian Brookes

I’m originally from the UK and moved to New Zealand in 2011.  I’m permanently settled in Wellington with my young family.

I’m the Founder and Director of My Kids Village, a social enterprise I started in 2016.  I also work in the world of HR, which is my area of professional expertise.  My big question is “How do we make our economic systems more people focused?”  This is the thread that ties together the things I am really passionate about and drives where I put my energy.  I love mentoring people who want to scale up the impact and influence they can have in their world, whether that’s in work or their wider community.  I love watching the confidence grow as people surprise themselves at what they can achieve, when they’ve got the right support.


Jeremy Leslie

I love working with people who want to do something – anything! – that shifts them along in their journey.  I’ve worked with inspiring people flipping burgers, modelling play-doh, casting actors, and doing their bit to keep building Aotearoa (not all at once).
I’ve loved Change Makers for the challenge it’s made to keep me evolving. You’ll be asked to come with your big question – mine’s changed several times over a year and I expect it to keep changing over time.
My day job is working with individuals, teams and organisations where they want to ‘throw the ball out’ for stretching how they experiment with leadership, whether that’s coaching, group work or helping organisations with leadership initiatives.
Bring some purpose and restlessness and I’ll walk that path with you from there.


Colm Kearney

Originally from Ireland, I’ve gratefully called Wellington home since 2009. Career wise I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to experience a range of pretty interesting roles from a policy, strategy and design perspective, to team, project and programme leadership roles. I’d like to think I’ve got a good balance going on between the creative ideas side of things and the making it happen/execution side.

Throughout my career I’ve come to learn that to be better in life and work, we need to grow ourselves to be more resilient, empathetic and responsive.
I’m currently working for an innovation organisation, so on a daily basis I see how technology continues to rapidly reimagine our world. While such advancements are bringing a lot of change, I also feel that it comes with great opportunities for people to embrace the chance to grow as people, as leaders and as change makers themselves. I love getting the chance to work with folks with the mindset to make such positive change happen.


Lisa Allen

I’m a seasoned Change Makers tribe member, behavioural geek and loud laugher.  As a mentor I’ll ask some tricky questions – I’m here to help you ‘nail’ what’s important to you and to ‘be in your corner’ in the minefield of professional life.  I’ll also encourage you keep a light-heartedness too; play –  it takes courage to experiment with new stuff.

Change Makers is a core part of my professional landscape – as a continuing explorer, experimenter and mentor.  I hail from a varied and evolving career, in recent years focussing on organisation and leadership development, coaching and change.  That‘s after doing everything from truck driving to behavioural analysis. I’ve been around the block a few times figuring out what I’m all about and what my big question is.

I look forward to pondering, growing and hanging with you more.



Tony Clark

I’m committed to working with people to overcome barriers and reach their potential. I came from a private sector strategy consulting background before weaving a path through a range of public sector roles including diplomat, science and innovation manager, strategy project manager in the Executive Wing, and policy director.

Mentoring through the Change Makers programme is a great opportunity to give back. My experience is that the journey inwards to become a better me has improved my journey outwards with others. Let’s talk if you are looking for change, or even if you are not sure what the next step is. We can figure it out.




Philippa Dawe

With a background in design and technology, I’ve had the privilege of working with terrific people,  some of the world’s leading brands, and I’m now in a role as Chief Product Officer at an international technology business. I love taking the learnings that I’ve had from 20 odd years as a creative professional and applying them to leadership, scaling businesses and growing people, teams and cultures. I’m a big believer in the power of networks, passionate about growing women leaders, find joy in having complex problems to solve, and rather than agonising over our weaknesses – I love working with people to uncover strengths and find ways to make the most of them.


Remember, if you have any questions drop Belinda a line.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the workout!