Accelerate: Strategic

Helping senior leaders make a significant contribution to shaping the future.



Delivering successful outcomes in the face of complex challenges requires visionary, purposeful and agile leadership. This requires a different type of approach to leadership development. 

Accelerate: Strategic is a proven leadership development programme designed to help senior leaders in public sector organisations that are undergoing transformation to make a significant contribution to shaping the future

What the programme achieves:

The programme develops senior leaders to develop the mindsets, skillsets and networks to lead their organisation well into the future, and to play an influential leadership role in the broader system in which we operate. It helps leaders to:

  • Be highly capable to lead in an environment of rapid change, uncertainty and complexity
  • Positively shape and influence culture
  • Adeptly balance priorities between delivering BAU and effecting transformation
  • Create and leverage the networks needed to lead across their organisation and the wider system

As a result, you can expect to see more ‘cut-through’, innovation, engagement, talent-flow, connectedness and resilience in your organisation and sector.

The programme is for:

Senior leaders who are part of a senior leadership team and / or responsible for leading larger functional groups, as well as high potential talent. They’ll likely be:

  • High performing and / or high potential
  • Respected influencers
  • Highly engaged
  • Open, positive and ready to give things a go
  • Committed to being active shapers of the future public sector



The design principles:

Vertical development underpins the programme design. This approach focuses on developing leaders’ capacity to lead in VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Vertically developed leaders can think more systemically, see long-term possibilities, embrace challenges from multiple perspectives, and lead as interdependent collaborators.

We focus on developing deep self-awareness, a broad perspective, capacity to work with tension and difference, and resilience. It’s less about filling participants ‘cups’ with more tools and models, and more about growing their cup: their capacity to handle complexity.











To catalyse vertical development, we blend:



Heat Experiences

Encourage participants to lean into situations in their work that:

  • Stretch and challenges them
  • Force them to confront their perceived limits and unseen assumptions
  • Are new and / or different
Colliding Perspectives
  • Exposure to new and different ways of thinking and operating
  • Cultivating a network that includes diverse and colliding perspectives
Elevated Sensemaking 

Develop participants’ ability to ‘make sense’ of situations in more useful ways, including:

  • Seeing assumptions and belief systems with fresh eyes
  • Taking fresh perspectives on old problems
  • Developing a richer insight into personal drivers, triggers and habits of mind

How it works:

The Accelerate: Strategic programme

  • Focuses on developing through three lenses:

Critical skills

More sophisticated ways of seeing the world

Strengthening the networks needed to succeed

  • Uses participants work challenges and context as the canvas for their development
  • Involves a blend of residential and one-day workshops, peer learning groups, a range of assessment tools, and individual coaching
  • Focuses on collective and individual development
  • Is a 12 month programme
  • Works with a diverse cohort of 12-15 participants

What participants have to say about the programme:

At a recent 3-day Accelerate: Strategic Immersion we asked a couple of participants how the programme has changed them so far, and what tips they would give someone coming into the programme.







When’s the next programme?

The next programme is scheduled to begin in June 2020.



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“She brings a networked approach to the work that she and her team completes. This wasn’t present previously and I think has been strengthened through her time on the Accelerate programme.”

Sponsor of programme participant.

“He’s really improved his ability to assimilate the various and complex strands or our organisation’s business into an easy to understand narrative. This is excellent.”

Sponsor of programme participant