What Happens When You Show Up On Purpose?

  I’ve just got back from a week on the beach in Fiji. But wait – it’s not what you think! I went to plan and write my next book (ok, with a little surfing thrown in). I had a hugely productive week, and I’ve come away feeling pretty good about where I’ve got to. […]

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Who Are Your Cultural Carriers?

I recently assisted a government department to define their sense of common purpose, and to highlight the great aspects of their culture that they wanted to reinforce. It was a powerful experience that created ripple effects across the entire organisation. And I reckon that’s because of the way the senior leadership team chose to approach it. Traditionally, […]

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It’s Bigger Than You

  Whatever you’re working on now, it’s bigger than that. Whatever your plans are for the next twelve months, it’s bigger than them. Whatever your job title, your profession, your organisation, your industry. It’s bigger than all of them. The poet David Whyte says what you can plan is too small for you to live. […]

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