Culture Lives Here

I was recently leading a workshop for managers on how conversations shape culture. I noticed most of the managers were operating from a context of their formal conversations – the ones behind closed doors, or the ones they had scheduled in their calendars. Without thinking too much, I found myself drawing this on the board. […]

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How Curious is Your Culture?

  In my last post, we looked at the barriers to curiosity thriving at work.  Now, let’s have a look at what a ‘curious culture’ looks, sounds and feels like. When I look around and find organisations that have what I reckon are curious cultures, the one thing I notice is the energy in the […]

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Who Are Your Cultural Carriers?

I recently assisted a government department to define their sense of common purpose, and to highlight the great aspects of their culture that they wanted to reinforce. It was a powerful experience that created ripple effects across the entire organisation. And I reckon that’s because of the way the senior leadership team chose to approach it. Traditionally, […]

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