The Time To Trust

Last week my family and I went to Java, Indonesia. Our destination was a surf camp that was a bit of a mission to get to – an eight-hour drive from Denpasar in Bali, including a car ferry across to Java, and then down through the jungle from there. We’d heard from friends that the […]

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How To Turn Curiosity Into Progress

    In the last few posts, we’ve been exploring what it takes to get more curiosity happening in your culture. We’ve looked at the importance of permission, and purpose. Today we’re going to round things off by taking a look at the end game: making progress turning questions into action.   Progress It’s pretty […]

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Make Change Easier With A Stakeholder Map.

Want to make change happen with less effort and more impact? Do a stakeg map. Here’s how: Step 1. Map Who.  To start with, you’ll need an idea of the change you want to make happen. With this in mind, work out who your most important stakeholders are. Who are the ones who have something […]

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