Circuit Breaker

A development programme for your next generation of leaders.

The Context: Our next generation of leaders needs to be equipped to tackle the increasingly complex challenges our society faces. Waiting until you get to the top is too late. We need to cultivate mature, authentic leaders early in career:  people who deeply know themselves, the contribution they can best make, and the resourcefulness and agility to make that happen.

The Challenge: I believe too many people in positions of leadership responsibility can’t yet articulate what they stand for and how they want to make a difference. This results in ‘hollow’ leadership, employee frustration, and often, individual burnout. In the long-term, organisations can lose their competitive edge by taking too long to harness and grow their future leadership talent. We need a circuit breaker to take people out of the day-to-day of life, and focus on what it means to them to lead well.

The Solution: ‘Circuit Breaker’ provides your emerging leaders with a framework and a set of tools that causes them to think strategically about their career and their leadership, help them identify a congruent direction, and seek out and maximise the opportunities that will best help them make the impact they want to make. The programme educates, stimulates and challenges participants to take charge of their career, and define their authentic leadership style.

The Benefits: Leaders who take charge of their career and accelerate their development. Your organisation grows leadership bench strength by having more leaders that have deliberately forged the leadership capabilities that matter most.

The Approach:

The approach centres on a Know – Be – Do model: know your purpose, be bold, and do speak out.By strengthening and aligning these three elements, leaders demonstrate authenticity and vision, and have a greater positive impact on the world.


Participants will get:

  • A clear insight into the changing world of work, the changing nature of careers and leadership, and what this means for them (Perspective)
  • New insights into the opportunities that the new world of work presents for them (Possibilities)
  • A clear sense of their purpose and ‘direction of travel’ (Purpose)
  • A renewed understanding of their unique talents and qualities, and be able to clearly articulate these (Positioning)
  • A framework for making career decisions, including identifying the development opportunities that are most useful to them (Process)
  • An approach to deliberately build and leverage their network, so they can generate new opportunities and positively influence others (People)
  • Effective ways to harness the learning from their experiences, so they can continue to grow their self-awareness, strengthen their leadership, and sharpen their focus (Perception)
  • A congruent, actionable career plan (Plan)
  • A return on investment that’s meaningful e.g. greater satisfaction, sense of well being, greater influence, financial reward (Profit)

Your organisation will get:

  • More authentic, effective leaders and leadership
  • Deeper leadership bench strength

How It Works:



$1,500 + GST per person

“Digby kept us on our toes and kept the sessions rolling so well, even when we were dealing with the really nitty-gritty stuff.”

Get in touch to register, or to discuss how this programme can help you and / or your leadership talent.

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