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No matter where you are. We’re ready when you are.

With disruption comes both pain and possibility. Whether you’re racing to stabilise the ship, or seeking to capitalise on the new opportunities that are presenting themselves, I’m here to help, and I’m ready when you are.

Now is the time to lead. What people need now is the opportunity for quality connection, for sense-making, and for creating a better future together.  And given we’re unlikely to be able to get together in a room anytime soon, we’ll need to do it remotely. My team and I are set up to deliver engaging virtual events that will support you and your leaders to do just that.

Here’s how I can help:


We can set up and run an engaging, interactive webinar for your leaders and staff on topics that matter now. Over the past several weeks, Digby has been invited to run webinars for clients on a whole range of topics. Here’s a sample:


Remote Doesn’t Need to Mean Remote

 A guide to leading your people when working remotely




Calm The Farm

Finding ‘centre’ in a world of chaos




Leading in Uncertainty

How to lead when there are no easy answers




Changing The Game

Rewriting the rules in times of disruption





Experiment Now!

How to turn chaotic disruption into positive change




Growing Through Crisis

How to turn chaotic disruption into positive change


“Digby, that was an amazing session you just ran. MIT & Harvard-esq in its quality and scope. I felt truly
optimistic for the first time (since our new world announced itself) during the workshop. Thank you so much.”

– Margaret Gibson, Social Impact Specialist & Founder

Facilitated Conversations

Digby can host a conversation with your leadership team to help them to make sense of how they can best lead in these disrupted times. These virtual sessions utilise technology to its fullest, providing leaders the opportunity to connect, share and discover new pathways to navigate these interesting times.



“Digby is very knowledgeable about people and teams. He is very good at bringing out the conversation in people.
Teasing out what’s underneath the surface”

– Kushla Beacon, Leadership Coach



Digby and his team can set up a virtual training session or programme for your leaders and change-makers to support them to deliver and grow over the coming weeks and months. In-person training days aren’t really an option right now, and in fact what works even better are short, sharp, relevant modules that people can digest and apply over time.  Particularly if you have teams scattered across the country, virtual sessions are the way forward.

Some of the programmes we can offer include:

  • Conversations That Matter: how to drive productivity and learning by having high-impact, high-quality conversations with the people that matter.
  • Change Makers: How to change the game and make a difference with more impact and less drama
  • Leading Curiosity: How to lead your people to create breakthrough ideas when the old ways don’t apply anymore.




“Digby is all about enabling people to make their greatest impact and has a knack for pushing people to think bigger and be bolder.
And he does it in a credible yet humble way. That’s the impact he makes, and he does it pretty darn well.”

– Cat Hall, Manager Organisational Development at Ministry of Health

Now is the time to lead.

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