Leading Curiosity

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Albert Einstein


The ability to cultivate a culture of curiosity is an essential leadership skill in today’s workplace. Curiosity is the driving force behind any form of learning, creativity and innovation. When we face increasingly complex issues in an increasingly complex world, we need fresh approaches to solving the wicked challenges we face. If leadership is about taking people into new, unknown territory, curiosity serves as a better guide than professing to already know what’s there.

If you want…

  • More innovative thinking from your people
  • Your ‘ideas’ people to productively apply their energy
  • To not be the only one coming up with new ways

…while still maintaining a high-delivery focus, then Leading Curiosity is for you.

Leading Curiosity is designed to help leaders at all levels harness the creative energy of their people and direct it towards worthwhile outcomes. It provides leaders with a framework and practical tools to create a culture where being openly curious is more valuable than simply rushing to answers. We’re all about helping leaders take their team’s culture from ‘anaemic’ to ‘electric’:

Leading Curiosity Value Model.001


Leading Curiosity is run over two half-days in a hands-on, group workshop format. It includes pre-work, practical application, online resources, on-the-job activites, and follow up. It covers:

  • Why curiosity is a critical currency now
  • The fundamental conditions for curiosity to thrive
  • The role of leadership in cultivating curiosity
  • How to tap into and focus your own curiosity
  • Techniques to help your people to dial up, apply and sustain their curiosity
  • How to work with the biases that can limit possibility
  • How to sustain a thriving, electric culture of curiosity over time

For more information on Leading Curiosity, inquire here.