Behaviour change happens over time. These high-impact programmes enable your leaders to shift their mind-sets, grow their skillsets and expand their networks so they can lead sustained change and make an outsized difference.




Making change happen can be a difficult, lonely job. It can often feel like being in a maze…wading through treacle. If you’re trying to drive change in your organisation, and you feel like a lone voice, Change Makers is for you.

To shift the culture of your organisation, first shift the people who will make the biggest difference:
your Change Makers

Change Makers is a programme for restless go-getters on a mission to make a difference. They’re self-driven, self-starters, who don’t need hand holding, but they do value fresh perspectives, ideas and inspiration to help them make the impact they want to make.

The Change Makers programme lifts people up above the maze to help them see a broader perspective, and develop a practical set of strategies to help them accelerate their mission, stimulate growth and expand perspectives. We aim to move everyone towards becoming a change alchemist, and in doing so, shift your entire organisation too.

This programme will help your Change Makers to:

  • Build an active network of fellow change-makers to learn with and from
  • Develop their compelling ‘Why’ story so they can articulate in ways that others engage with
  • Build strategies for resilience and thriving, especially for when the going gets tough
  • Identify and map the broader systems at play in their industry and organisation
  • Strategically build relationships with the people who matter
  • Identify and leverage their strengths in ways to have more impact
  • Upgrade their thinking patterns to navigate complexity successfully
  • Get a guaranteed shift in their ability to amplify their impact.

How it works:

  • The Change Makers Programme runs over six-months, and is designed to accelerate your cultural transformation.
  • We meet as a group every six weeks for intensive learning, critiquing and planning workouts.
  • Our days together include sharing successes and failures, identifying lessons learned, fresh perspectives from guest speakers, ‘mission under the microscope’ sessions, peer coaching, and action planning.
  • Participants receive a fortnightly dose of inspiration in their inbox, and access anytime to Digby via email and phone.
  • Between workouts, we run an interactive webinar, and share collective insights and challenges on a private Slack group.
  • The total contact time is five days.

What happens on the programme?
It’s a blend of getting it and doing it:

Getting It: We share and dissect successes and failures, and highlight lessons learned in a confidential environment. We listen to in-depth stories from speakers who share their own change-making insights. Through a blend of structured activities and relaxed conversation, we seek out, and gain, inspiration in our own stories and challenges, and those of others.

Doing It: We learn practical tools and methods to apply in our own context. We develop a plan for what we each will do between our meetings, which we call ‘workouts’. Between workouts, it’s all about implementation. Webinars scheduled mid-way between workouts help to keep the energy and focus up.

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As organisations prepare themselves to stay relevant and successful for the future, people will have a range of responses to the inevitable turbulence and uncertainty that change brings. If you want to nail your change agenda, it’s critical that all of your managers and people-leaders are equipped and engaged to effectively lead their people through the inevitable uncertainty that change brings.

Future Fit Leadership is designed to help your managers and leaders play an active and potent leadership role to shape the present and the future of your organisation.

The programme will help accelerate your organisation’s change agenda by building a stronger cohort of managers across the organisation, bridging siloes and boundaries while building both individual and collective capability to both respond to and shape change. It will equip your managers with the awareness and practical tools to step up and help everyone in your organisation play their part in a changing environment.

The Future Fit Leadership programme can be run over 3, 6 or 12 months. It includes an assessment diagnostic, hands-on workshops, webcasts, group coaching, and deliverables that support your organisation’s change agenda.

It enables the following shifts in your managers:

  • Siloed manager to collaborative leader
  • Passive recipient to active contributor
  • Burned-out victim to resilient player
  • ‘Follow the rules’ to ‘create new ways’


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