What’s On Your Mind

Conversations during COVID19


During the uncertainty of the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic, my good friend Alicia McKay and I felt the need to sit down and make sense of the crazy experience we and the rest of the world were going through. Our chats were raw, open and honest as we got real about what we were thinking and feeling.

As we’ve navigated our way through the messiness and shared our thinking with the world, we’ve realised people like what we’re staying, and how we’re saying it. So we’re sticking with it!

We hope you find these musings as cathartic and great for the soul as we do!!

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Episode 21: Transition and Overwhelm

5 June 2020

How are you transitioning right now?

In this episode of what’s on your mind, Alicia McKay and I shine a light on the roller coaster experience of transition. In six action-packed minutes, we explore:

  • The frustration of being overwhelmed
  • How fighting frustration doesn’t really work, and why surrender could be a better option
  • Why being intentional about who you want to be is more powerful than what you want to say.



Episode 20:  Authenticity

2 June 2020

When it comes to connecting with your people, how real are you? 

In this episode of what’s on your mind, Alicia McKay and I get real and get into:

  • Why authenticity and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin
  • What can happen when you’re vulnerable with others
  • Why show your ‘uncool’ bits actually makes you cool




Episode 19:  Transformation Triggers

25 May 2020

What are your transformation triggers?

In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I nut out some chunky questions, including:

  • What triggers transformation?
  • Can you have transformation if you don’t have a vision for what you want?
  • Is changing what you do enough, or do you also have to change how you think?

Raw, real and freshly cut. Enjoy!

Episode 18:  Community Leadership

22 May 2020

We have so many opportunities that we can realise right now. 

In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I wonder “what does leadership need to look like to realise those opportunities?” 

We discuss:

  • The importance of creating the conditions to activate people
  • Why you should role-model learning
  • How to get out of the way

“It’s a little unorthodox, but food for thought!”


Episode 17:  World Domination

18  May 2020


What’s going on in New Zealand? How we’re dealing with the Covid thing here seems to have got the world’s attention. But how clearly can we see it for ourselves? What are we not seeing?

In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia McKay and I explore:

  • What if we thought of New Zealand as the leadership capital of the world?
  • How we often can’t see our own gifts that other see in us
  • The importance of an outside-in perspective to help you see (and own) what you’ve got

Who could you invite into your world to help you see what you might be missing? 



Episode 16:  What would this look like if it were easy?

14  May 2020

Making change happen is hard. And often harder than it needs to be. In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I discuss what it takes to take the friction out and put the ease in.

Episode 15: How are you using this time to experiment?

12  May 2020

This Covid19 thing has forced us into a place where we’ve all had the chance to try new ways of operating. In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I dig into:

  • Why experiments are simply the end point of a good decision-making process
  • How experiments are just questions with deliberate actions behind them
  • The importance of building your ‘transformational assets’

What have you been experimenting with? And how’s it going? We’d love to know!


Episode 14: LinkedIn Live episode

8 May 2020


In our first-ever Linkedin Live edition of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I chatted about:

  • letting go
  • finding ease
  • setting expectations
  • changing mindsets and surrender.


Episode 13: Got a vision for what you want?

7  May 2020


Got a vision for what you want? Great! And, it’s not enough.

In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I discuss:

  • how structural forces will overcome willpower every time
  • that you need to stabilise ‘what is’ while also transitioning to the new
  • why it’s about changing how you think as well as what you do

And Alicia rocks the end too!


Episode 12: How are your new ways of working working?

4 May 2020

In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I:

  • question whether anything’s actually changed in the way we’re all working
  • what it takes to make real change stick
  • being kind to your Future You

Real and uncut. Enjoy!



Episode 11: Are you Zoomed out?

24 April 2020


In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I acknowledge that the world’s got Zoom fatigue. Including us! We dig into:

  • The dangers of defaulting to a new normal
  • How our brains are lazy, and how hard it is to keep making intentional choices
  • How we can simply do ‘minimum viable experiments’ to enable transformation.

Episode 10 – How are you building your Ambiguity Muscle?

24 April 2020

In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I chat about:

  • how tired we’re feeling
  • how we have a myth in society that ‘ambiguity is bad’
  • how we can build our ambiguity muscle

We came into this conversation exhausted after a big week. And I love how we both perk up during our chat! So good when you talk with someone who lifts you 🙂




Episode 9 – What are your Change Dragons?

17 April 2020

We’re in a time where I reckon many of us are tasting the opportunity to make some real change happen. What gets in the way? Change Dragons! Those things that make change hard to happen that we have to face down and overcome. Start by asking “What are the Change Dragons?” Both in your head and out there in your world. In this episode of What’s On Your Mind, Alicia and I talk about the change dragons we’re anticipating as we navigate our way out of lockdown.



Episode 8 – Presence

17 April 2020

Will we value another’s time and presence more once we’re through this Covid19 thing?  Will meetings become about ‘meeting’? We hope so. Alicia and I noodle on this question and have a great time doing it during this 6 minute watch of What’s On Your Mind?

Episode 7 – Will meetings become about ‘meeting’?

12 April 2020

What are you learning about working online? In this instalment of What’s On Your Mind?, Alicia and I chat about the surprisingly positive impact that delivering webinars, keynotes and workshops can have! And hang on until the end of the 6 mins – you’ll get to see us forgetting that we’re on camera!



Episode 6 –  Where are you on the four-week cycle?

9 April 2020

Everyone’s lockdown experience will be different, right? Where are you in the four-week cycle? Going crazy with cabin fever, or getting ready for opportunity?  Alicia and I share our thoughts on this question in the latest of our ‘What’s On Your Mind? series as we navigate our new realities.




Episode 5 – Is this a time for new learning, growth and development?

2 April 2020

Is this a time for new learning, growth and development? Or just getting through and finding meaning in each day? Maybe it’s both? In this episode of What’s On Your Mind?,  Alicia and I kick around these questions and more as we get together (remotely!) for a chat. 



Episode 4 – Less content, more connection

 26 March 2020

In this short punchy episode (with a little guitar playing) Alicia and I talk about:

  • Why we need less content and more connection
  • The power of sending a message that simply says “I see you”
  • The micro-moments that matter


Episode 3 – What does Level Four mean to you?

24 March 2020

Where were you when you realised that your world has changed? 

Episode 2 – Exploring the tensions & questions we’re living with right now.

22 March 2020

Here’s the next instalment of what Alicia and I are calling our ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ conversations. Shot over a coffee. We dig into:

  • getting to simplicity with decisions
  • the importance of having a ‘carpe diem’ mentality
  • creating softness and space for people
  • the gift of presence

Do yourself a favour, grab a cuppa and enjoy nine minutes of us riffing and exploring the tensions and questions we’re living with right now.



Episode 1 – How are you feeling and responding to the disruption?

19 March 2020

In this jam-packed energising conversation with Alicia you can learn about our perspectives on the world in this crazy time (opportunity!), what leadership needs to look like now (compassionate and strong), and our tips for how to navigate each day (be in service). And more:

  • how to know whether your social distancing is correct.
  • flattening your own curve
  • the difference between melancholy and perspective
  • what you can do now, and every day…