What I’m up to now

Date: 3 February 2017

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Hey there. Welcome to my Now page. Here, you’ll get a sense of what I’m prioritising and spending my time on at the moment:

First, my book. I’m well underway writing my book, although until I get an editor, it will look and feel like a dog’s breakfast. All of those stories you hear about how challenging it is to write a book are true! But the good thing is that the more I write, the clearer my thinking becomes, and the better the book will be. If you’ve been following my blogs for a while, you’ll have a sense of what it’s about. My aim is to continue to write 1000 words per day and have it published by 30 June 2017. Public declaration. You can hold me to it.

Second, Change Makers. I took my eye off the ball on this one last year as I got really busy delivering the edgy senior leadership programme I wrote about in September (see below). That was awesome, and took a lot of my energy to make happen. Change Makers is getting a new injection of energy now, and it’s starting to hum.

Third, training for the Rotorua Moonride. I did this 12-hour mountain bike race for the first time last year and had a ball. I’ll be in a team of five this year, so it’s maybe a bit soft compared to last year when I was in team of three. Still, it takes a bit of training to be ready for it, and I don’t want to let the boys down by being the huffer-and-puffer, so I’m out riding 3 or 4 times a week these days. Loving the energy rush it gives me.


Washed out at the 2016 Rotorua Moonride!


Date: 30 September 2016

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

I’ve just launched ‘Change Makers’, a programme to help change-makers make their mark, faster. It’s idea that came from noticing that many of my coaching clients saying that they’d really value a tribe of fellow change-makers to sound off with, be inspired by, and learn with and from. So I created the programme to meet this need. Kicking off in December in Wellington.

I’m also working on my book. Well, I have a structure mapped out and a heap of blog posts to draw from. But no actual book to speak of yet. With a lot of client work on right now, I’m finding it tough to make the dedicated time to write regularly. I’ve been given plenty of advice from other authors to just make writing a daily habit, regardless of the quality of the output. OK, starting today!

I’m also really excited to soon be launching a very edgy senior leadership development programme with one of NZ’s largest public sector organisations. They’re undergoing massive transformation over the next 5 years, and they need people who can shape the organisation to be ‘future-fit’. The idea for the programme was born out of a trip I did to Austin, Texas in December last year, where my colleague Nick Petrie lives. We locked ourselves in a room for a week and designed a programme that we thought the world needed. And during that trip, I was standing in Nick’s kitchen and got a call from this organisation back in NZ, asking for some help. Synchronicity at work!

Finally, I’m counting down to my annual windsurfing and surfing trip to the rugged and remote coastline of north west Western Australia. This year will be my 18th year going there. Almost an unbroken chain, except for the year my daughter was born. I love it. It’s wild and raw and testing, and I can leave the world behind for a while. I’ll be away from mid-October for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for inspiration from the wilds!


P.S. The idea for this ‘Now’ page came from Derek Sivers. You can check out some other ‘Now’ pages here.