Nine Dots: The Answer

So, how did you go?

Most people arrive here with their head spinning, still wondering how to join all nine dots with four straight lines without taking the pen off the paper.

Let’s put you out of your misery:

Start by drawing a line from the top right dot diagonally down towards the bottom left dot.


Then, draw a line up through the middle and top left-hand dots. Keep going a bit further too…

9 Dots Activity.003

Next, draw a line diagonally down toward the right, through the middle dot at the top, and then the middle dot on the right. Keep on going…


Finally, draw your last line back towards the left, through the bottom three dots.


You’re done!

If you found that hard work, you’re not alone. Most people do.

Why is that? It’s because we automatically put limits on what’s allowed. Our mind draws a boundary around the nine dots, telling us that you’re only allowed to draw inside the square.

9 Dots Activity.006.jpeg.001

Of course, there was no instruction saying that.

So we end up being limited by rules that we’ve made up.

Where else in life is that true for you?