Coaching Kick Off

Hi. It’s good to have you on board. To get us started on making your coaching goals happen for you, you’ll need to do three things:

  1. Read the Coaching Ground Rules, below.
  2. Complete your answers to the “Getting Started” questions (in the form below) and send your answers to me.
  3. Get in touch with my PA, Belinda, to set up our first coaching session.

That’s it! I’m looking forward to getting started.



Coaching Ground Rules

These ground rules are in place to ensure we both play our part to get the most of the coaching experience:

  1. As the client, you have responsibility to bring insights, issues, concerns and information to form the content of the sessions.You’ll arrive at coaching sessions on time and fully prepared, and you’ll record any action points and complete agreed actions before the next session.
  2. As the coach, Digby has responsibility for managing the process, providing resources and maintaining focus. Digby will provide a safe, confidential yet challenging learning environment, and expects honesty and commitment to the process from you. Digby will supply resources in the form of reading and references where appropriate. There may also be some work-based tasks for completion between sessions.
  3. Each session’s agenda will be built by mutual agreement.
  4. Both of us will record any agreed action points and these will be used for confirmation and clarification of actions and not for any other purpose unless agreed to by both parties. Digby will not share the content of the discussions with anyone.
  5. Any problems will be raised openly and immediately as they occur.

Getting Started Questions