Lighten Up

In Change Makers, we talk about getting ‘above the maze’. That’s about getting above the day-to-day, the hurley-burley, the tentacles that grab at us, and all the small problems that we need to constantly deal with.

When you can do that, you get a fresh perspective. You can breathe out. You can the path you’ve been travelling and the obstacles thereon in a new light. And maybe even see new and different ways forward.

At our last workout, we looked at the 10 Things That Change Makers Do. One of the things that seemed to resonate most with people was the idea of ‘lightening up’. In other words, take your mission seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

Hmm. Maybe those two ideas are linked.

In hot air ballooning, when you lighten up, you rise up. It’s actually what a hot air balloon naturally wants to do. So if you can let go of some of the sand bags that are keeping you grounded, you’ll more easily rise to the level where you’ll get that perspective you’re seeking. You’ll get above the maze and perhaps see it with a lightness, a wonder, a fascination that can create renewed energy and possibility for you and your change making agenda.

What sand bags could you drop now?

Sand Bag