Thriving In The Heat Of Experience.

“I’ve really been out of my comfort zone these past two weeks. It felt like I was learning a new job from day one. But I’ve learned and grown so much!” So said a client of mine on a coaching call earlier this week. She’d just finished a secondment on a high-profile project in an […]

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Stepping Into Complexity

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some talented managers in both London and Shanghai. They’re all facing a major business change in the form of a system implementation which will significantly alter their core business processes and keep them competitive. Think of it like when banks moved to online […]

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A Real-Life Development Story

Recently I hosted a breakfast session where the guest speaker was a well-respected senior leader. He’s regarded as a future CEO and has an impressive track record of delivering results, working across boundaries in gnarly situations, and developing people. And he’s never done any formal leadership training. The focus of his presentation was his own […]

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