Are you a restless go-getter?

To lead a full and rich life, and to lead others genuinely and effectively, you must cross a threshold. One that requires deliberate transcendence from the need to be certain, right, and safe. One that requires you to prioritise voracious learning, being OK with being vulnerable, cultivating diverse relationships, and taking bold action.

In my experience working with hundreds of organisations and thousands of managers, the majority of people sit on the edge of this threshold. They’re poised for greatness, but they’re stuck. They need that supportive, yet firm, nudge to tip them over. In a volatile, unpredictable world, it’s easy to cling to safety. But there’s no safe way to be great. The world needs more purposeful, bold, restless go-getters.

My next book is for professionals who are looking for inspiration, strategies and practical ideas to thrive beyond the threshold. Funnily enough, it’s called ‘Beyond The Threshold: An Essential Guide for Restless Go-Getters’.

The book centres on how you can develop four qualities to help you thrive: Curiosity, Connection, Courage and Conviction. If you have these in spades, you can more easily have the impact you want to make, and live a richer, more interesting and more rewarding life.

Want to pre-order a copy? Contact me and I’ll make sure you’re on my early-adopters list.